Low-Voltage Transistor Employing a High-Mobility Spin-Coated Chalcogenide Semiconductor


  • The authors thank C. Dimitrakopoulos for useful discussions, A. Kellock, D. Martinez, D. DiMilia, and R. Pezzi for technical assistance, and A. Afzali for solvent distillation.


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In2Se3 thin films are spin-coated using a hydrazinium-precursor approach to yield thin-film transistors (TFTs, see Figure). The highly toxic and explosive solvent hydrazine, previously employed for spin-coating SnS2–xSex films, has also been replaced with a more convenient solvent mixture of ethanolamine and dimethyl sulfoxide. Low-voltage operation (< 8 V) of TFTs based on spin-coated In2Se3 yields mobilities as high as 16 cm2 V–1 s–1 and on/off ratios of 106.