Towards Internal Structuring of Electrospun Fibers by Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Polymeric Comb-Shaped Supramolecules


  • We acknowledge funding from The National Technology Agency of Finland (“Self-organized functional materials” and “Field Controlled Coatings”) and Ahlstrom Oy. This work was carried out in part within the Centre of Excellence of Academy of Finnland (“Bio- and Nanopolymers Research Group”, 77317).


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Polystyrene-block-poly(4-vinylpyridine) with nominally one pentadecylphenol molecule hydrogen-bonded to each pyridine group has been electrospun, leading to fibers with a hierarchical, structure-within-structure morphology (see Figure). An internal structure on the nanometer length scale exists within a structure on the tens-of-nanometers length scale. Internal porosity can be obtained by selective removal of the amphiphile.