Whispering-Gallery-Mode Lasing from a Semiconductor Nanocrystal/Microsphere Resonator Composite


  • P. T. Snee and Y. Chan contributed equally to this work. The authors thank M. Frongillo for assistance with SEM, J. Hodgkiss and L. Young for assistance with the femtosecond laser system, G. Benoit and Y. Fink for assistance with the spectroscopic ellipsometry measurements, and J.-M. Caruge for many helpful discussions on multiexciton lasing. This work also made use of the MRSEC Shared Facilities supported by the NSF under Award Number DMR-0213282, as well as the Harrison Spectroscopy Laboratory (NSF-011370-CHE). M. G. B. and D. G. N. acknowledge support from a Collaborative Research in Chemistry Grant by the NSF (NSF-CHE-020989). M. G. B. also acknowledges support from the Department of Energy (DE-DFG02-02ER45974) and the ARO through the Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies. D. G. N. acknowledges support from Corning Inc. and a grant from the Air Force (F49620-01-1-0118)


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Spherical whispering-gallery-mode lasers employing CdSe/ZnS semiconductor nanocrystals (see Figure, inset scale bar: 15 μm) are assembled on a substrate using a simple, robust spin-coating fabrication method. The flexibility to choose the size of the microsphere template and the emission wavelength allows for the observation of single-mode lasing. At higher excitation intensities, lasing from higher multiexcitonic states is also observed.