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Optical Recording Materials Based on Photoisomerization of Guest Molecules of a Polymeric Crystalline Host Phase


  • The authors thank Professors Paolo Corradini and Vittorio Petraccone of University of Naples for useful discussions. Financial support of the “Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca” (PRIN 2004, CLUSTER 26 and FIRB2001); and of “Regione Campania” (Legge 41 and Centro di Competenza per le Attività Produttive) and of European Commission (European Research Training Network, Contract Nr. HPRN-CT2000-00004).


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Norbornadiene (N) is used as an isolated guest in a host (the crystalline phase of robust syndiotactic polystyrene polymer films) and its valence photoisomerization to quadricyclane (Q) in it has been achieved. The product maintains the positional and orientational order of the reactant with respect to the polymeric crystallographic axes (see Figure).This system could be suitable for making molecular-sized units in optical data storage systems.

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