Synergistic Effect of Inorganic and Organic Components on Solid Acid/Base Properties of Organosiloxane-Based Inorganic–Organic Hybrid Materials


  • This work has been supported by NEDO, as part of the Synergy Ceramics Project promoted by METI, Japan. Shingo Katayama, Yuji Kubo, and Noriko Yamada are members of the Joint Research Consortium of Synergy Ceramics.


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Solid acid/base properties of organosiloxane-based inorganic–organic hybrid materials are reported. The organic groups bonded to silicon in organosiloxane networks are found to synergistically affect the solid acid/base properties arising from inorganic components (see Figure). This synergistic effect may result in innovative materials with applications in fast proton conductors, selective catalysts, efficient membranes, high-sensitivity sensors, and selective absorbents.