Highly Conducting Carbon Nanotube/Polyethyleneimine Composite Fibers


  • Partially supported by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Grant MDA972-02-C-0005, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Grant 009741-0130-2003, and the Robert A. Welch Foundation. E. M. acknowledges funding from MEC (Ramón y Cajal Program). B. G. K. acknowledges support from University IT Research Center Project.


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Single-walled carbon nanotube/ polyethyleneimine (SWNT/PEI) composite fibers are fabricated by coagulation-based spinning of SWNTs dispersed in aqueous solution by various surfactants. The spun SWNT/PEI composite fibers are either solid or hollow (see Figure), and have useful mechanical properties and over a hundred times the electrical conductivity of supertough SWNT/polyvinyl alcohol composite fibers.