Structurally Ordered Polythiophene Nanoparticles for High-Performance Organic Thin-Film Transistors


  • The assistance of N. Zhao of McMaster University in recording TEM and AFM images is gratefully acknowledged. Partial financial support of this work is provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology through an Advanced Technology Grant (70NANB0H3033).


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Structurally ordered organic semiconductor nanoparticles, which form a stable nanoparticle dispersion in an appropriate liquid, are generated from regioregular poly(3,3‴-didodecylquarterthiophene) (PQT-12). This dispersion enables facile solution fabrication of high-performance semiconductor layers composed of extensive crystalline domains of lamellar π–π stacks (see Figure), yielding organic thin-film transistors with excellent field-effect-transistor properties.