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Advanced Materials

Superhydrophobic Aligned Polystyrene Nanotube Films with High Adhesive Force


  • The authors thank the State Key Project Fundamental Research (G2 000 078 102) and the Special Research Foundation of the National Nature Science Foundation of China (20 125 102, 20 374 054, and 90 306 011) for continuing financial support. Dr. L. Feng thanks the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (2 003 034 218) and the K. C. Wong Education Foundation, Hong Kong (20 031 008 155 638).


The water contact angle of nanostructured polystyrene surfaces can reach as high as 162°, compared with 95° for native polystyrene surfaces, and they possess a high water adhesion force. Surfaces coated with polystyrene nanotubes (see Figure) created using an alumina membrane template mimic the keratinous hairs in a gecko's feet, providing a large surface area for adhesion through van der Waals' forces.

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