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Advanced Materials

An Axisymmetric Flow-Focusing Microfluidic Device


  • This research was supported by DARPA. S.T. received an overseas research scholarship from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan. P.G. thanks the Foundation for Polish Science for a postdoctoral fellowship. D.B.W was a recipient of a postdoctoral fellowship from the National Institutes of Health (GM067445).


An axisymmetric flow-focusing microfluidic device (AFFD) is described. The AFFD (see Figure, top) produces micrometer-sized (50–300 μm) polymer-coated droplets (see Figure, bottom) with narrow size distributions (< 5 %). The axisymmetric geometry confines droplets to the central axis of the channel and prevents them from being sheared or damaged at the channel walls. The device is used to prepare aqueous droplets encapsulated in nylon-6,6 membranes by carrying out interfacial polymerization reactions in situ.

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