Robust, Non-Cytotoxic, Silica-Coated CdSe Quantum Dots with Efficient Photoluminescence


  • The authors thank Shujun Gao for his assistance with cytotoxicity studies. We also thank Dr. Motoichi Kurisawa and Dr. Joo Eun Chung for their helpful discussions. This work was sponsored by the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore).


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Water-soluble quantum dots (QDs) have been prepared by encapsulation within silica via a reverse microemulsion (see Figure). The QDs display comparable quantum yields to ZnS-capped CdSe, but are much less toxic than organic-coated water-soluble QDs. This method could be used for QD applications such as in biological labeling and in photostable light-emitting devices.