Nanohybrid Shish-Kebabs: Periodically Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes


  • Supported by NSF CAREER award (DMR-0239415), ACS-PRF, and the 3M company. We thank S. Z. D. Cheng, B. Lotz, and F. Khoury for discussion and encouragement. Supply of nylon-6,6 samples from Dupont Company (Dr. Mimi Keating) is appreciated. ESEM was purchased through the support of NSF (BES-0216343).


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Carbon nanotube (CNT)-seeded controlled polymer crystallization provides a simple yet effective means to periodically modify CNT surfaces. Both single- and multiwalled CNTs have been successfully decorated with polyethylene and nylon-6,6 (see Figure and cover), implying that it might be a generic method for CNT functionalization. By coupling crystalline polymers with functional groups, ordered multifunctionality could be realized on individual CNTs.