Polycrystalline Macro-Domains Formed by Self-Organization of Ferroelectric Grains


  • The authors acknowledge the Israel Science Foundation and US–Israel Binational Science Foundation for funding this research. I. L. is incumbent of the Helen and Milton Kimmelman Career Development Chair. I. Z. thanks the Israeli Ministry of the Immigrant Absorption for partial support. The authors express their appreciation to Prof. Yehiam Prior of the WIS for his help with micro-diffraction measurements, and to Prof. Oscar Stafsudd of UCLA for assistance with measurements of the pyroelectric effect. Supporting Information is available online at Wiley InterScience or from the author.


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Nanometer-sized grains may self-organize into macro-domains in a polycrystal undergoing a structural phase transition. Formation of such macro-domains is a very efficient strain-relieving mechanism, as demonstrated here. The Figure shows a tethered self-supported BaTiO3 film viewed with cross-polarized light, illustrating a large in-plane anisotropy due to the self-organization of ferroelectric grains in curved regions.