Well-Oriented Silicon Thin Films with High Carrier Mobility on Polycrystalline Substrates


  • The authors thank J. O. Willis, I. H. Campbell, B. J. Gibbons, D. Smith, L. Stan, and P. N. Arendt for useful discussions and technical help. A.T.F. and W.C. acknowledge funding from Laboratory Directed Research and Development, Exploratory Research at Los Alamos National Laboratory.


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Si thin films, grown using ion-beam-assisted deposition of buffer layers on polycrystalline metal-alloy tapes (see Figure), show out-of-plane and in-plane mosaic spreads of 0.8° and 1.3°, respectively, and a room-temperature Hall mobility of 89 cm2 V–1 s–1 for a doping concentration of 4.4 × 1016 cm–3. These results provide proof-of-concept for a promising materials technology that does not require lattice-matched, single-crystal substrates for deposition of well-oriented, high-carrier-mobility semiconductor thin films.