Electroactive Luminescent Self-Assembled Bio-organic Nanowires: Integration of Semiconducting Oligoelectrolytes within Amyloidogenic Proteins


  • We acknowledge partial funding from VINNOVA and CENANO at LiU (A. H. and P. B.). Support from the Foundation of Strategic Research (P. H.), the Nanotech Programme of the Swedish Defence Research Agency (P. H.), Wenner–Gren foundations (P. H.), and the Swedish Research Council (O. I., P. H., and J. D. M. O.) are greatly appreciated. Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the author.


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Electroactive luminescent bio-organic nanowires, 10 nm in width and with lengths up to 10 μm (see Figure), are generated through co-assembly of protein amyloid fibrils with conjugated oligoelectrolytes. The electro-optical properties of the wires are demonstrated with reversible electrochemical doping-induced fluorescence quenching, providing evidence for both electrical transport and electroactivity.