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Advanced Materials

Microstructure and Electromechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotube/ Poly(vinylidene fluoride—trifluoroethylene—chlorofluoroethylene) Composites


  • This project was supported by U.S. NIH under grant 8R01EB002078-04. We thank Dr. F. Bauer at ISL of France for the synthesis of the P(VDF-TrFE-CFE) terpolymer.


The ferroelectric relaxor terpolymer (P(VDF-TrFE-CFE) has a dielectric constant above 50 at room temperature and giant longitudinal strain. By adding only 0.5 wt.-% functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes, its crystallinity (light blue, see Figure), Young's modulus (green), dielectric constant (dark blue), and electromechanical response (maroon) can be simultaneously improved (see Figure).

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