Graphitized Carbon Nanobeads with an Onion Texture as a Lithium-Ion Battery Negative Electrode for High-Rate Use


  • This work was supported by an Industrial Technology Research Grant in ‘00 from the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development (NEDO) of Japan, by Genesis Institute, and also by a Grant-in-Aid for 21st COE program-COE for a United Approach to New Materials Science, from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.


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Graphitized carbon nanobeads (GCNBs) can be used as negative electrodes in lithium-ion batteries, resulting in improved rate performance and increased stability towards graphite exfoliation in propylene carbonate based electrolytes. The discharge rate capacity of GCNB remains high even at high charging rates (triangles) compared with highly graphitized mesocarbon microbeads (MCMBs, circles).