Spontaneous Formation of Macroporous Monoliths of Mesoporous Manganese Oxide Crystals


  • E. S. T. is supported by the NSF IGERT program under the award DGE99-87618, and made use of NSF-MRSEC facilities supported under Award No. DMR00-80034. We acknowledge support from the NSF Chemical Bonding Center (Chemical Design of Materials) under Award No. CHE-0434567, and are grateful to P. E. D. Morgan for his insights and numerous suggestions.


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An unusual route to hierarchically porous MnO monoliths is demonstrated. The monoliths are obtained by successive stages of liquid- and vapor-phase leaching. The accompanying Figure shows 10–30 nm sized pores created by the conversion of zinc manganese oxide to manganese oxide. The leaching methodology is general and can be extended to the preparation of a number of porous inorganics.