Large-Scale “Surface-Programmed Assembly” of Pristine Vanadium Oxide Nanowire-Based Devices


  • The work in this paper was supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology through the National Research Laboratory (NRL) program and, in part, the 21st Century Frontier R & D Program. S. H. acknowledges equipment support from the Nano-Systems Institute National Core Research Center program of Korea Science and Engineering Foundation. Supporting Information is available online at Wiley InterScience or from the author.


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“Surface-programmed assembly” is presented as a technique (see Figure) to achieve high-precision assembly and alignment of a large number of pristine V2O5 nanowires on solid substrates. Positively charged surface molecular patterns guide the assembly and alignment of negatively charged V2O5 nanowires on solid substrates. Large-scale assembly of V2O5 nanowire-based transistors is demonstrated and their gating effects are confirmed.