A Reagentless Biosensing Assembly Based on Quantum Dot–Donor Förster Resonance Energy Transfer


  • The authors acknowledge NRL and A. Ervin and L. Chrisey at the Office of Naval Research (ONR grant no. N001404WX20270) and A. Krishnan at DARPA for support. A. R. C. is supported by a National Research Council Fellowship through NRL. Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the author.


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On the surface of a quantum dot (QD), maltose-binding protein (MBP, white and yellow in Figure) labeled with a cyanine dye (red) self-assembles, resulting in F?rster resonance energy transfer between the acceptor dye and the QD donor. Upon binding maltose, MBP undergoes a conformational change (white ⇌ yellow), causing concentration-dependent photoluminescence changes.