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Synthesis of Aligned Arrays of Ultrathin ZnO Nanotubes on a Si Wafer Coated with a Thin ZnO Film


  • The authors are grateful to the EPSRC for financial support via the portfolio partnership LASER, to the University of Bristol and the Overseas Research Scholarship (ORS) scheme for a postgraduate scholarship (Y. Sun), and to K. N. Rosser, Dr. S. A. Davis, Prof. D. Cherns, and Dr. S. J. Henley (now at the University of Surrey) for their various contributions to this work. Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the author.


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Aligned arrays of ultrathin, high-quality ZnO nanotubes (see Figure) have been synthesized via hydrothermal growth methods on Si that has been pre-coated with a thin film of ZnO. The nanorods are single-crystalline, with typical wall thicknesses and outer diameters of 5–15 and 20–40 nm, respectively. Annealing the arrays in vacuum causes enhancement of UV photoluminescence.

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