Multilayer Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes: White-Light Emission with High Efficiency


  • This work was jointly supported by Mitsubishi Chemical Center for Advanced Materials at UC Santa Barbara, by Air Force Office of Scientific Research through the MURI Center (“Polymeric Smart Skins”, AFOSRF 49620-01-10364), Program Officer, Dr. Charles Lee. We thank Dr. Gang Yu of Dupont Displays for advice on calculating the CIE coordinates, Dr. Yoshiharu Sato at the Science & Technology Research Center of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation in Japan for useful discussions, Dr. Steven Xiao at Organic Vision, Inc. (Canada) for providing the conjugated polymers, and Dr. Jack Ostrowski at UC Santa Barbara for synthesis of Ir-complex.


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White-light-emitting polymer diodes containing hole-injection/transport and electron-injection/transport layers have been fabricated by solution processing. Illumination-quality light is obtained from these multilayer, high-performance devices, with stable Commission Internationale d'Eclairage coordinates, stable color temperatures, and stable, high color-rendering indices, which are all close to those of “pure” white light indicated by the dotted oval in the Figure.