Ion-Beam-Assisted Lift-Off Technique for Three-Dimensional Micromachining of Freestanding Single-Crystal Diamond


  • A. D. Greentree, D. N. Jamieson, and S. Prawer are supported by the Australian Research Council, the Australian government, and by the US National Security Agency (NSA), Advanced Research and Development Activity (ARDA), and the Army Research Office (ARO) under contract number DAAD19-01-1-0653 and DARPA QUIST. B. C. Gibson is supported by the International Science Linkages program established under the Australian Government's innovation statement Backing Australia's Ability. S. T. Huntington is supported by the Nanostructural Analysis Network Organization major national research facility, funded by the Department of Education, Science and Training, Australian Government.


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The machining of 3D microstructures in single-crystal artificial diamond is demonstrated with a focused ion beam (FIB)-assisted lift-off technique. A sacrificial buried layer is created with MeV ion implantation, followed by patterning of selected regions with the FIB technique; the sacrificial layer is then selectively etched, leaving 3D free-standing microstructures in the bulk (see Figure). Using this fabrication technique, light waveguiding through a microstructure in single-crystal diamond is demonstrated for the first time.