Photoembossing of Periodic Relief Structures Using Polymerization- Induced Diffusion: A Combinatorial Study


  • The research of Carlos Sánchez, Berend-Jan de Gans, Dimitri Kozodaev, Alexander Alexeev, Michael J. Escuti, Chris van Heesch, Ulrich S. Schubert, Cees W. M. Bastiaansen, and Dirk J. Broer forms part of the research program of the Dutch Polymer Institute (DPI).


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Photoembossing is a solvent-free photolithographic technique for the production of polymeric relief microstructures (see Figure). A combinatorial methodology to explore the influence of different parameters (e.g., processing temperature, binder content, photoinitiator content) on the resultant relief structure is presented using an acrylate-based model system. Results are discussed in the framework of a diffusion-polymerization model.