Cylindrical Silver Nanowires: Preparation, Structure, and Optical Properties


  • This work was supported by NSFC (90406003, 20401010, 50372030, 20025102, 20131030), the Foundation for the Author of National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of P.R. China, and the state key project of fundamental research for nanomaterials and nanostructures (2003CB716901). Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the author.


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Cylindrical and pentagonal Ag nanowires (see Figure) are selectively prepared in amorphous carbonaceous sheaths via a controlled hydrothermal reaction. Results indicate that the amorphous coating layer is responsible for the cross-section symmetry selected synthesis. The distinctive optical properties measured fit well with the theoretical predictions, and applications in electronic nanodevices are envisaged.