Advanced Materials

Giant Thermal Tunability of the Lamellar Spacing in Block-Copolymer-Like Supramolecules Formed from Binary-End-Functionalized Polymer Blends


  • The authors are grateful to the Korea Research Foundation (KRF) through Grant 2003-003-D00105.


Block-copolymer-like supramolecules (see Figure) permit thermal tuning of the microphase period due to reversible supramolecular assembly and disassembly. The supramolecular system based on a binary end-functionalized blend forming diblock- and triblock-like supramolecules shows that the lamellar microphase upon heating swells up to almost 300%. Such effective temperature tunability of the microphase period may find a variety of uses in applications that require patterning over large dimensions.

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