Multicomponent Patterning of Layer-by-Layer Assembled Polyelectrolyte/Nanoparticle Composite Thin Films with Controlled Alignment


  • The authors thank Dr. Pil J. Yoo for his help in digital imaging and Dr. Geoffrey Lowman for careful review of this manuscript. This work was supported by the Army Research Office funded Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies and by the Center for Materials Science and Engineering at MIT. Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the author.


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Composite thin films of polyelectrolytes and fluorescent nanoparticles can be directly transfer-printed onto various substrates including indium tin oxide coated poly(ethylene terephthalate). The sequential transfer printing of thin films with controlled alignment introduces multicomponent patterns onto substrates, demonstrating possible practical device fabrication using functional polyelectrolyte multilayer composite thin films (see Figure).