Dynamic Lasing from All-Organic Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystals


  • The authors are grateful to the Air Force of Scientific Research and Air Force Research Laboratory Materials & Manufacturing Directorate for financial support, and to Dean Brown, Joseph Haus, Paras Prasad, and Guang He for fruitful technical discussions.


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Optically pumped lasing of pyrromethene 597 in 2D columnar photonic crystals (PCs) derived from holographic polymer-dispersed liquid crystals (LCs, see Figure) exhibit resolution-limited linewidths of 1.9 nm and thresholds of less than 200 μJ cm–2. Electric field modulation of the LC directors allows tuning of the laser mode over 5 nm. Use of PC properties that go beyond those associated with the photonic bandgap may lead to organic-based PCs for linear/nonlinear nanophotonics.