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Low-Temperature, Template-Free Synthesis of Single-Crystal Bismuth Telluride Nanorods


  • The authors gratefully acknowledge NSF grants ECS 424322 (GR), CTS-0303997 (TBT and GR), CTS-0348613 (TBT), and seed grants from RPI's Interconnect focus center supported by NY state (GR and TBT), and an Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Fellowship (GR). We thank A. Jain for microfabrication of the thermoelectric test structure, and A. Kumar for acquiring the XRD data.


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Synthesis of single-crystal bismuth telluride nanorods is reported by using a low-temperature, template-free approach (see Figure). Films of thioglycolic acid functionalized nanorods doped with sulfur exhibit n-type behavior with a high Seebeck coefficient, holding promise for thermoelectric device applications.

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