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Advanced Materials

Macroscopic Fibers of Oriented Vanadium Oxide Ribbons and Their Application as Highly Sensitive Alcohol Microsensors


  • This work is part of the European FAME-MIOH 6th PCRDT program. The authors wish to thank Eric Lebreau (ICMCB- UPR 9048 CNRS) for XRD data acquisition. Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the author.


Vanadium oxide macroscopic fibers (see Figure) are obtained by an extrusion process. The fibers consist of nanoscopic ribbons with a preferential orientation and a longitudinal Young's modulus of around 15 GPa. As well as showing high sensitivity, the fibers reversibly cycle between insulating and semiconducting upon exposure to alcohol vapor sources, with signature responses to different alcohols.

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