Defect-Mode Lasing with Lowered Threshold in a Three-Layered Hetero-Cholesteric Liquid-Crystal Structure


  • This work is partly supported by the TIT-KAIST Joint Program and JSPS Research for the Future program, 21st Century COE program, a Grant-in-Aid for Exploratory Research (16656023) from the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture, and a NEDO (New Energy Technology Development Organization) grant (Project ID 04A24509). We acknowledge Prof. T. M. Swager for kindly supplying the polymer dye material used.


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A novel defect mode is realized in a three-layered structure: a left-handed cholesteric liquid crystal (CLC) layer sandwiched between right-handed CLC films (see Figure). The defect states emerge, and the photonic density of state is resonantly enhanced when the defect mode coincides with the edge mode. The lasing from this enhanced mode is found to show a lower threshold value.