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Alignment of Carbon Nanotube Additives for Improved Performance of Magnesium Diboride Superconductors


  • This work was supported by the Australian Research Council, Hyper Tech Research Inc. (Columbus, OH), and Alphatech International Ltd. (New Zealand). W. K. Yeoh received an Australia–Asia Award funded by the Australian Government. Z. M. Ren and Y. Li thank the Natural Science Foundation of China for support under grants Nos. 59 871 026, 50 225 416, and 50 234 020. K. S. Tan received support from the ORS/Cambridge Commonwealth Trust. Funding from EPSRC in the UK is also acknowledged.


A method for aligning carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in CNT–MgB2 superconductor composite wires through a readily scalable drawing technique is described. The aligned CNT-doped MgB2 wires show an enhancement in magnetic critical current density by more than an order of magnitude in high magnetic fields compared to undoped wires. The arrows in the figure indicate CNTs in the composite.

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