Highly Ordered Organic Alq3 Chiral Luminescent Thin Films Fabricated by Glancing-Angle Deposition


  • The authors thank the University of Alberta Nanofabrication Facility for use of the facility during this research. The authors also acknowledge the financial support of Micralyne Inc., NSERC, and iCORE. The authors also thank G. Braybrook, M. Taschuk, A. Meldrum, and S. E. Hrudey for their support with equipment and helpful discussions.


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Organic porous chiral thin films of tris(8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminum have been made (see Figure) using glancing-angle deposition (GLAD). The films emit circularly polarized light under photoexcitation and consist of highly uniform, self-organized arrays of submicrometer helices. These films combine the molecular diversity of organic chemicals with the complex submicrometer morphologies achievable by GLAD in a single-step process.