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A Two-Dimensional Porphyrin-Based Porous Network Featuring Communicating Cavities for the Templated Complexation of Fullerenes


  • We gratefully acknowledge the financial support by the Swiss National Science Foundation, the NCCR “Nanoscience”, and the Swiss Federal Commission for Technology and Innovation, KTI. We also thank Nanonis Inc. for fruitful collaboration on the data acquisition system. Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the authors.


An unprecedented two-dimensional porphyrin network featuring dynamic pores capable of hosting fullerenes is realized following a bottom-up approach at a single-crystal silver surface. Surface- and porphyrin-driven long-range interactions between the C60 guest molecules and porphyrin layer result in the formation of exceptionally large supramolecular hybrid chains and islands (see Figure and Cover).

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