Advanced Materials

Microstructure and Composition of Focused-Ion-Beam-Deposited Pt Contacts to GaN Nanowires


  • This research was supported by the US Department of Energy Grant DE-FG02-98ER45701. The use of shared facilities supported by Penn's NSF/MRSEC under Grant DMR02-03378 is gratefully acknowledged.


Characterization of focused ion beam (FIB)-deposited Pt contacts to GaN nanowires (see Figure, green) shows that these contacts contain high densities of Pt nanocrystallites (red) embedded in an amorphous C + Ga matrix (purple). Regions with lower Pt nanocrystallite densities (light blue) have also been found. Sputter damage generally removes the top of the GaN layer, leaving a disordered region below. These observations suggest reasons for the unusually low resistance of FIB-deposited Pt contacts to GaN nanowires.

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