A Nonclassical Approach to Oligoacenes: Crossconjugated Nonplanar Poly(acene) Precursors


  • We are indebted to the NSF for support through Grant DMR 0209651 as well as the Air Force for a MURI Grant N000014-01-1-0757 and the ARO through MURI Grant DAAD19-99-1-0316. Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the author.


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A series of crossconjugated ladder polymers and oligomers (see figure) are synthesized by a one-step palladium-catalyzed polycondensation reaction. The polymers are soluble in various organic solvents owing to their nonplanar structure. The structure and physical properties of these compounds are investigated, and indicate that the π-electrons are mainly localized within anthraquinodimethane units of the structures.