Size-Dependent Transport and Thermoelectric Properties of Individual Polycrystalline Bismuth Nanowires


  • Akram Boukai and Ke Xu contributed equally to this work. This work was supported by the Department of Energy and by the MARCO Center for Advanced Materials and Devices. We would also like to acknowledge Dr. Ezekiel Johnston-Halperin and Dr. Yi Luo for fabrication assistance and advice.


original image

Nanofabrication methods and a device architecture are combined to allow for four-point electric, thermoelectric, and electric field-effect measurements on individual Bi nanowires. The figure shows a false-color SEM image of a typical device used in this study, with the 11 Bi nanowires shown as a red → white gradient. The temperature dependence of the various transport properties as a function of nanowire width is investigated and discussed.