Infiltration and Inversion of Holographically Defined Polymer Photonic Crystal Templates by Atomic Layer Deposition


  • This work was supported by the U.S. Army Research Office under MURI contract DAAD19-01-1-0603, by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, and by the EC-funded Network of Excellence PHOREMOST (FP6/2003/IST/2-511616). O. M. R. acknowledges the support of the Scatcherd Science Foundation.


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Practical methods of microfabrication are vital for the development of photonic-crystal-based signal processing. However, extension of the optical methods that dominate integrated circuit fabrication to three dimensions is challenging. This communication reports an essential step for creation of devices operating within a full photonic band gap: atomic layer deposition is used to create the high-index TiO2 replicas of holographically defined photonic crystals shown in the figure.