Advanced Materials

Water-Assisted Growth of Aligned Carbon Nanotube–ZnO Heterojunction Arrays


  • This work was supported by the NSF (CCF-0403130), ACS (PRF 39060-AC5M), AFOSR, AFRL/ML, Wright Brothers Institute, Dayton Development Collation, and the University of Dayton. We acknowledge the NEST Lab at UD for the access of SEM and TEM facilities.


Using water-assisted chemical vapor deposition, aligned CNT–ZnO (CNT: carbon nanotube) heterojunctions are formed on a Zn substrate. The aligned CNT heterojunctions with intimately connected ZnO particles/rods show interesting optoelectronic properties of practical significance. This cost-effective and efficient approach can be scaled up for the production of large-area heterojunction arrays (see figure).

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