A Biocompatible Bottom-Up Route for the Preparation of Hierarchical Biohybrid Materials


  • This work was supported by the MAT2003-02718 and 200460F027 projects. We also acknowledge TPA and Fundación Domingo Martínez for financial support. M. L. F. and M. C. G. acknowledge MEC and CSIC for R&C and I3P research contracts. We gratefully acknowledge Dr. José Bartolomé for discussions concerning mechanical properties and Dr. Fausto Rubio for porous surface-area measurement. Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the author.


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Ice-segregation-induced self- assembly is a versatile and biocompatible process that facilitates the preparation of hierarchical biohybrid materials exhibiting a very sophisticated structure with up to six levels of space organization: the ternary structure of esterase, the PVA domains surrounding esterase, the silica cages entrapping the PVA domains, and the macroporous structure resulting from ice segregation (see figure). The resulting materials are attractive for biomedical and sensor applications.