Advanced Materials

A Volume Holographic Sol-Gel Material with Large Enhancement of Dynamic Range by Incorporation of High Refractive Index Species


  • This work was supported by MEC under the projects MAT2003-02718 and TIC2002-1846, and by CM under the project S0505/PPQ-0316. We gratefully acknowledge Carmen Munuera and Prof. Carmen Ocal for technical assistance and discussions concerning STM. Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the authors.


Improved performance of volume holographic sol-gel materials—refractive index modulations in the 10–2 range, diffraction efficiencies near 100 %, and low levels of noise scattering—are reported that arise from the incorporation of Zr-based high refractive index species capable of diffusing from dark to bright fringes of the interference pattern (see figure).

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