A Double INHIBIT Logic Gate Employing Configuration and Fluorescence Changes


  • The authors acknowledge the support by the NSFC (20476027, 90401026) and the Scientific Committee of Shanghai. H.T. very much appreciates Prof. A. Prasanna de Silva (Queen's University) and the referees for their helpful and valuable comments, and some sentences in the discussion originate from their comments and suggestions. Supporting Information, including the synthesis, NMR spectra, absorption spectra, and fluorescence spectra of dumbbell 2 and [2]rotaxane 1, as well as detailed conditions of the photochemical reactions, is available online at Wiley InterScience or from the author.


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A lockable as well as double INHIBIT logic gate based on a [2]rotaxane employing configuration and fluorescence changes has been demonstrated (see figure). Importantly, the output “0” and “1” states of the current logic circuits represent several different supramolecular configurations. The photoisomerization process is completely reversible, making the shuttling motions of the cyclodextrin ring repeatable and accompanied by a reversible florescence signal.