3D Polymer Microframes That Exploit Length-Scale-Dependent Mechanical Behavior


  • We thank G. Groishnyy and S. Kooi for technical assistance, T. Kanazawa (JEOL) for some SEM images, and L. Gibson for helpful discussions. This research was supported by the US Army Research Office through the Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies, under the contract DAAD-19-02D-0002 and AFOSR, grant F496200210205.


original image

Holographic interference lithography is used to create a 3D polymer microframe with sub-micrometer periodicity, low density, and 200 nm feature size. These structures exhibit interesting deformational characteristics (see figure) with ultimate strains reaching ca. 300 %, much higher than the strains attainable in bulk films of either the fully crosslinked solid polymeric material or the uncrosslinked glassy monomer precursor.