Periodic Arrays of Micrometer and Sub-micrometer Magnetic Structures Prepared by Nanoindentation of a Nonmagnetic Intermetallic Compound


  • We acknowledge Dr. O. Ossó from MATGAS for his technical assistance in performing nanoindentation experiments and Dr. V. Ström and Dr. Z. Gu for their help in the measurements of the uniaxially pressed sheet and for enlightening discussions. Financial support from the 2005SGR-00 401 and MAT-2004-01 679 research projects, and the Institut Català de Nanotecnologia (ICN) is acknowledged. A. C. and E. M. acknowledge their FPI fellowships (FP-2001-0517 and BES-2005-8696) from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Education, co-financed by E.S.F.


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Nanoindentation experiments are used to fabricate in a controlled manner arrays of micrometer and sub-micrometer magnetic structures at the surface of nonmagnetic, atomically ordered, intermetallic sheets with composition Fe–40 % Al (at %). The figure shows atomic (top) and magnetic (bottom) force microscopy images of these fabricated structures. The ferromagnetism arises from the deformation-induced atomic disorder in the intermetallic material.