A Mechanism for the Fast Ionic Transport in Nanostructured Oxide-Ion Solid Electrolytes


  • The present work was supported by Fundación YPF (Repsol YPF Award 2003), Agencia Nacional de Promoción Científica y Tecnológica, Argentina (PICT No. 14268), and CONICET (PIP No. 6559). We thank J. Philibert and A. V. Chadwick for useful discussions. M.G.B. thanks CONICET and Fundación YPF for his doctoral fellowship. Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the author.


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Ionic transport in nanostructured solid electrolytes is investigated using an atomistic model that clarifies the enhanced conductivity (see figure) of these materials. It is based on the fast diffusion of free oxygen vacancies through the grain boundaries. A transition observed in the ionic conductivity of the nanoceramics as a function of temperature, caused by a change in the transport mechanism, is also explained.