Advanced Materials

Long-Range-Ordered, Molecular-Induced Nanofaceting


  • We thank Maria Grazia Betti, Sandro Scandolo, Erio Tosatti, and Giacinto Scoles for very useful scientific discussions. We thank Wei Ji and Prof. Hongjun Gao (Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing) for fruitful discussion and supporting calculations. We thank Fulvio Parmigiani for the critical reading of the manuscript. The nanospectroscopy facility in Brescia was funded by INFM under the “Strumentazione Avanzata” program. Work partially funded by “FIRB Carbon-based microstructures and nanostructures”.


Ordered molecular nanostructured films (see figure) are obtained by exploiting the molecular-induced substrate faceting transition, following a very simple protocol. The obtained nanostructures show univocal alignment and quite good homogeneity, and the pattern periodicity can be controlled in the process. The stepped structure of the vicinal metallic substrate has a key role in the film production mechanism.

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