Freestanding 2D Arrays of Silver Nanorods


  • The authors thank S. Peleshanko, M. C. LeMieux, M. Ornatska, M. E. McConney, and S. Singamaneni for technical assistance and invaluable help. The PDMS substrate was generously provided by Adam Nolte, MIT. This work is supported by AFOSR, FA9550-05-1-0209 and NSF-NIRT-0506832 Grants.


original image

Freestanding silver nanorods (Ag-NWs) sandwiched between poly(allyamine hydrochloride)/polystyrene sulfonate polyelectrolyte bilayers, (PAH/PSS)10PAHAg(PAH/PSS)10PAH, and suspended over a 150 μm opening (see figure) have been prepared. At a Ag-NW volume fraction of 22.5%, the membrane is both mechanically robust and electrically conductive.