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Advanced Materials

Giant Dielectric Permittivities in Functionalized Carbon-Nanotube/ Electroactive-Polymer Nanocomposites


  • This work was financially supported by the NSF of China (Grant No. 50677002), the NSF of Beijing City (Grant No. 2063031), and the Ministry of Education of China through a Doctor Project (Grant No. 20050010010).


Trifluorophenyl-functionalized multi-walled-carbon-nanotube/poly(vinylidene fluoride) (TFP-MWNT/PVDF) nanocomposites are fabricated by employing a wet-chemistry route. The modified MWNTs are observed to form a well-dispersed, structurally random nanophase within the polymer matrix (see figure). The TFP-MWNT/PVDF nanocomposite exhibits enhanced dielectric permittivity when the content of TFP-MWNT is close to the percolation threshold.

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