Template-Free Synthesis of SnO2 Hollow Nanostructures with High Lithium Storage Capacity


  • X. W. Lou thanks Mr. Ji Feng for useful discussions. We are grateful to the National Science Foundation (DMR 0404278) for supporting this study. Facilities available through the Cornell Center for Materials Research (CCMR), a Materials Research Science and Engineering Center of the National Science Foundation (DMR 0079992) were used for this study. Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the author.


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A facile one-step template-free method based on a novel inside-out Ostwald ripening mechanism is developed for inexpensive mass preparation of hollow and hollow core/shell-type SnO2 nanostructures using potassium stannate as the precursor. As-prepared SnO2 hollow nanospheres (see figure) exhibit ultrahigh lithium storage capacity and improved cycle performance as high-energy anode materials in lithium-ion secondary batteries.