3-(9-Carbazolyl)carbazoles and 3,6-Di(9-carbazolyl)carbazoles as Effective Host Materials for Efficient Blue Organic Electrophosphorescence


  • This research was conducted in the frame of the joint research program of Latvia, Lithuania, and Taiwan. Financial support from the National Science Council of Taiwan and from the Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science is gratefully acknowledged. M.-H. T. also thanks support from the Mediatek fellowship. Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the author.


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Linking topology in oligocarbazoles (see figure) has a strong influence on their electronic properties. 3(6),9′-linked oligocarbazoles exhibit unusual suppression of electronic coupling between units, leading to localized excited states and very small reduction of triplet energies (compared to the monomer). Coupled with their excellent morphological stability, this makes them suitable as host materials for blue electrophosphorescence devices.