Composite Nanocapsules: Lipid Vesicles Covered with Several Layers of Crosslinked Polyelectrolytes


  • This research was supported by the European project ‘Nanocapsules with functionalized surfaces and walls (HPNR CT200 000 159)' and by AC Nanosciences-Nanotechnologies (NN082). We are grateful to H. Krisch for critically reading the manuscript, and to André Moisand for electron microscopy.


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Biologically active proteins are loaded into liposomes, which are then used as templates for the layer-by-layer deposition of polyelectrolytes. The multilayer polyelectrolyte layers are then crosslinked to form a robust protective barrier (see figure). Enzymes encapsulated within composite nanocapsules generated by this procedure are able to retain their substrate selectivity and activity even in the presence of detergent, suggesting the potential use of these structures as nanoreactors.